WOR Mechanical Transfer Hoist (Sara stedy)


Our WOR Mechanical Transfer Hoist (Sara stedy) is

Compact enable a single caregiver to assist patients or residents perform sit to stand position on their own

Lightweight, compact support aid allows patients to safely stand themselves up before and after toilet transfers.

The innovative pivoting seat makes it easier for the resident / patient to get into the lift

The pedal-operated chassis legs can be easily adjusted for optimum access during transfers

Built-in seat hand grips integrated into the seat allow the caregiver to easily turn the support aid

Better and softer knee support provides extra stability and support

Total-lock castors - new total-lock castors provide complete stability when the aid is stationary

Smaller castors and redesigned legs mean a lower chassis for better access

Safe Working Load 160kg

The crossbar handle allows the resident / patient to support him/herself by pulling rather than pushing when entering the lift. This can reduce the risk of urine leakage

The Mechanical Transfer Hoist (Sara stedy is amazingly simple to use and during transfer the user is facing the caregiver for optimal contact and security. The process below gives a rough outline of the transfer process:

1.     The caregiver swings the seat pads away from each other to create an open position

2.     The caregiver should then position the device as close to the user as possible

3.     The user can now place his or her feet on the footplate with his or her knees against the padded knee support

4.     The caregiver should lock the rear castors

5.     The caregiver encourages the user to pull the cross bar and rise into a standing position

6.     The caregiver finally swings the pads behind the user to create a semi-seated position

Base Height 13cm
Castors 10cm
Height 103.6 cm
Material Epoxy coated steel
Width Width (Outer):66.1 cm Width (Inner):49.7 cm
Seat Depth 24cm
Seat Width 50.5 cm
Weight Capacity 160kg
Nett Weight 28kg

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