Action 4

Action 4

Priced from R2 7000.00


The new and improved Action 4NG has been redesigned with a weight reduction of nearly 1 kg and maintains its outstanding functionality.  Featuring a double cross brace system, the Action 4NG now offers a more stable, easier drive.  Enhanced with lightweight options and accessories to reduce energy consumption and aids effortless propulsion, this new quality design is echoed throughout the range with its high cross-compatibility.

  • Much lower, overall product weight
  • Improved functionality and new options
  • Updated design with an increased colour range

Significant weight reduction

Without compromising on the functionality – or limiting the flexibility of adjusting the wheelchair – the weight of the Action 4NG has been reduced by nearly 1 kg.  This is, in part, thanks to a new lightweight castor housing design and an optimized rear wheel attachment which are both made out of aluminum.  This weight reduction makes the Action 4NG easier to propel and lift in and out of the car for transportation.


  1. The Action 4NG has a basic weight from 14.7 kg and a transportation weight of 8 kg (without leg rests, armrests or rear wheels). With the lightweight wheels this can be reduced to 14.0 kg.
  2. Rear wheel support
  3. The new aluminum rear wheel support combines lightness with functionality.
  4. Castor housing and fork
  5. Aluminum castor housing, combined new fork design, combines weight reduction with style.
  6. Step less, adjustable, folding backrest


Innovative, patented, angle adjustable backrest – incorporated from the Invacare Action5 – allows fine adjusting of the backrest angle when the individual is seated in the wheelchair.  This unique folding mechanism enables the backrest to fold on top of the seat for easy storage or transportation in a car.  In addition, the built-in scale allows for a more accurate backrest angle for the perfect fit.

Lip-back Armrest

Both armrest options now feature a release lever and an open zone – with handgrip – for easy transfer out of the chair.

Amputee support

Offering height, angle and depth adjustments with a durable, moisture proof design, this swing-away support is ideal for transfers.

Front castor

Front castors available in 5″, 6″ and 8″ pneumatic or solid tyres, with various options of tyres width also available.

Tie-down hook

A bright, orange tie-down hook provides a secure fixation point for transportation in a motor vehicle.

Dual hand rim propelling wheels

The Dual Hand rim version is ideal for hemiplegic individuals.  The telescopic, spring-loaded connections can be removed so the chair remains foldable.

Belt buckle

The Body point 2-point lap belt can be positioned where required to offer maximum postural support.

Length compensating elevating leg rest

This leg rest combines optimal length compensation with 0-80° elevation.

Reclining backrest

The reclining backrest, both mechanical and gas spring, allow users to make quick and easy adjustments for individual positioning.

Head and neck rest options

A choice of head and neck rest options are available – including the award-winning Elan headrest – to help give individuals the maximum level of comfort and support.

Frame Colours

Hypnotic Purple

Matt Black

Blue Pop

Matt Red

Pearl White

Slate Grey

Electric Green

Anthracite Black


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