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Wheelchairs on the Run electric wheelchairsElectric wheelchairs

From more basic Electric Wheelchairs to get your from your front door to the corner shop, to specialized, electric wheelchairs for more complex needs, we will you find a model that helps you stay active and independent.

Our range of power chairs are comfortable, supportive and stable and easily controlled by a single joystick. Extra seating, leg supports and headrests can all be adjusted or added to suit you. These electric wheelchairs can also be used both indoors and out.

Because we’re not tied to one supplier, we can offer a wide range of electric wheelchairs. All you need to do is give us a call and our qualified Home Assessment Team will visit at time that suits you and perform a home mobility assessment.
They will also bring a variety of demonstration stock for you to try out.

Once you’re satisfied, we will deliver your new power chair straight to your doorstep. We also have a dedicated team of technicians to service and repair your electric wheelchair .

Wheelchairs on the Run specializes in a wide variety of electric wheelchairs, feel free to pop in to our store or contact us for expert advice and service.

Choosing the right Electric Wheelchair

When purchasing an electric wheelchair you may have concerns about using it inside your home or whether a power wheelchair is only safe and intended for indoor use.  Electric  wheelchairs can actually be used both indoors and outdoors but knowing where the primary use will be helps to determine the right type of wheelchair that will best suit your needs.  If the electric wheelchair is being used in small spaces such as an apartment or condo. Most users are particularly concerned with how long their batteries will last and how often their wheelchair batteries will need to be charged.  This will depend on how often you use your electric wheelchair and what type of terrain it is being used on.
Wheelchairs on the Run has a team of experts that can help you identify the answers to your questions.  We always recommend having an occupational therapist assist you in prescribing the best chair for your needs.  They’ll help you take into consideration your posture and the type of seat and back cushions you will require and they also can assist you in applying for potential funding for your electric wheelchair.  A sales consultant will also help provide you with warranty information and tips on how you can maintain your wheelchair, or tips on how to transport motorized wheelchairs.

Contact us with any questions you may have or us for more information.


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