Hoist- Sunlift Electric

Hoist – Sunlift Electric

Priced from R3 7150.00


The Sunlift Midi hoist (150 kg max user weight) is easy to handle and suitable for both home and residence use. It is easily dismantled for storage and transport, and meets the latest European safety standards.


The Sunlift Major hoist is available on special order (for Users up to 175Kg)

  • Safety Spreader bar This features a non-slip coating and cross-over hook design to prevent the harness strap working loose. The anchor point to the boo is also covered so that users cannot catch their fingers in it
  • Ergonomic pushing handle This features a non-slip coating, and is shaped so that the hoist can be pushed comfortably from various positions
  • Highly Rigid Structure The model features exceptional rigidity thanks to the advanced design of all the moving connections, eliminating playing and offering a rigid feel with the hoist fully loaded
  • Supplied with Sling


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