HS-320 Mobility Scooter

HS-320 Mobility Scooter

R32 530.00

The New CTM HS-320 3 wheel scooter – the Ultimate in style and affordability has arrived! The new HS320 CTM electric mobility scooter is loaded with standard features such as front headlight, swivel seat, front basket. The HS 320 then combines this style and great feature package with smooth and quiet indoor operation as well as the power, range and stability needed for incredible maneuverability – offering you unparalleled overall value and performance!


  • Overall Length 43.0 inches
  • Overall Width 21.0 inches
  • Overall Height 37.0 inches
  • Wheels: Front 9 inches Solid
  • Wheels: Rear 9 inches Solid.
  • Speed 8 km
  • Weight Capacity 135 kg.
  • Ground Clearance 5 cm
  • Grade Climbable 12 degree
  • Curb Climbing 3.2 inches
  • Turning Radius 33.5 inches
  • Batteries 2 12volt 36amp
  • Brake Electro Mechanical


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