Scam Alert! Z101 ZIngoo, P9 Pebot, Fubazu and Medvest B65X Wheelchairs don't exist and are linked to confirmed tender scams.

Rent Manual Wheelchairs

Going on Holiday or having someone coming for a visit,

Or only needing use of a Wheelchair for a short period of time

Then Renting a Wheelchair is the solution



A Deposit is required on all our rentals.

The Deposit is refundable upon the return of the chair

If the chair/mobility scooter/ Electrical wheelchairs

Is returned and damaged the amount of the damaged chair will be deducted from the Deposit

And the difference will be paid back


Our Mobility scooters/ Electrical chairs are supplied with chargers

If the charger is not returned R1700.00 will be deducted from deposit.

We now accept the following payment methods

Visa & Mastercard Mobicred Medical Aid

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