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Wheelchair Cushions


Pre-Ischial Cushion

Pre-Ischial Cushion From R395.00-R550.00 Covers sold separately This is a lightweight, ..

R395.00 Ex Tax: R343.48

Endura Visco Foam Cushion & Cover 16"-41cm

The Endura Visco Foam Cushion(16"-41cm) can be used on a variety of Wheelchairs electric and manual...

R640.00 Ex Tax: R556.52

Endura Visco Foam Cushion & Cover 18"-46cm

The Endura Visco Foam Cushion(18"-46cm) can be used on a variety of Wheelchairs electric and manual...

R720.00 Ex Tax: R626.09

Endura Lumber Support

The lower part of your spine naturally curves inward toward the belly, so h..

R780.00 Ex Tax: R678.26

Obus Seat

Obus Seat The Obus Seat is uniquely designed to evenly distribute body weight encourage prop..

R825.00 Ex Tax: R717.39

Endura Visco Foam Cushion & Cover 20"-51cm

The Endura Visco Foam Cushion(20"-51cm) can be used on a variety of Wheelchairs electric and manual...

R890.00 Ex Tax: R773.91

Wor Memory Cushions

Wheelchair on the run’s Memory Foam is a viscoelastic polyurethane molded cushion which reacts to t..

R995.00 Ex Tax: R865.22

Jay Basic

Priced from R1,075.00The Jay Basic is an ultra-lightweight, low maintenance, entry-level cushion. I..

R1,075.00 Ex Tax: R934.78

Jay Go Cushion

Priced from R1925.00The Jay Go Cushion is a lightweight, low maintenance, entry-level cushion. It c..

R1,925.00 Ex Tax: R1,673.91

Endura Air Cushion & Cover 18"-46cm

Our Endura Air Cushion is a pneumatic cell cushion. It ensures maximum patient contact with seating ..

R2,160.00 Ex Tax: R1,878.26

Roho Mosaic Cushion

Roho mosaic cell featureFrom R2,327.00The Roho Mosaic Cushion is a great cost-effective, entr..

R2,327.00 Ex Tax: R2,023.48

Airlite Cushion

From R3,320.00This contoured foam base is designed to allow for pelvic control allowing increased s..

R3,320.00 Ex Tax: R2,886.96

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