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C Motorized Standing Wheelchair

Our Stand-Up Powerchair offers many health benefits previously unavailable to those in a normal wh..

R120,600.00 Ex Tax: R104,869.57

C Power Wheelchair

The C Power wheelchair is manufactured with the latest and most reliable technology in our motors, ..

R37,040.00 Ex Tax: R32,208.70

Electric Power Trike

The Electric Power-Trike converts your manual wheelchair into a motorized Wheelchair in a matter of..

R19,800.00 Ex Tax: R17,217.39

Endura Budget Buddy 17"-43cm

The Endura Budget Buddy is the wheelchair that makes electric wheelchairs affordable again! This gre..

R16,980.00 Ex Tax: R14,765.22

Endura Eco Budget Buddy 17"-43cm

The Endura Eco Budget Buddy is the wheelchair that makes electric wheelchairs affordable again! This..

R14,980.00 Ex Tax: R13,026.09

Endura Standard Electric 18"-46cm

There is nothing standard about our Endura Standard Electric! It is an affordable, foldable electric..

R19,980.00 Ex Tax: R17,373.91

HS-2850 Power Wheelchair

The HS-2850 power wheelchair is a quick and reliable power mobility wheelchair that can handle a ma..

R52,922.50 Ex Tax: R46,019.57

HS-5600 Power Wheelchair

The HS-5600 is a heavy-duty Bariatric power wheelchairFeaturing a 20-inch captain’s chair with a sea..

R70,000.00 Ex Tax: R60,869.57

Invacare Pronto P31 Power Wheelchair

The Invacare Pronto 31 Power Wheelchair continues the rich legacy of the Pronto series. This compact..

R52,000.00 R57,922.50 Ex Tax: R45,217.39

Mobility Scooter/Electric Wheelchair Carrier

Our Mobility scooter/Electric Wheelchair carrier can carry mobility scooters and some powered wheel..

R9,450.00 Ex Tax: R8,217.39

Pacer Power

Made to measure and comes in a variety of eye catching colours.  Due to popular demand, no..

R46,170.00 Ex Tax: R40,147.83

Rent Mobility Scooters and Electric Wheelchairs

It can be a hassle to transport Electric Wheelchairs and scootersWhile traveling, you do not have ..

R4,000.00 Ex Tax: R3,478.26

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