J2 Pressure Care cushion

J2 Pressure Care cushion

J2 Pressure Care cushion

Priced from R: 8698.00

The Jay2 cushion provides stability and positioning with skin integrity protection.

Consists of a firm base, anatomical well, femoral loading as well as Jay’s Fluid Tripad for ischial immersion and envelopment. Best suited for clients with a high risk

of skin breakdown.


The Jay 2 Cushion is the industry leading adjustable fluid cushion, low maintenance

cushion designed for the person at high risk of skin breakdown.


  • Low maintenance
  • Designed for those at a high risk of skin breakdown
  • Easily customised to accommodate specific client needs
  • Firm foam base is contoured to provide optimal pelvic positioning
  • Variety of secondary supports, plus easy customization address both fixed
  • and reducible orthopaedic deformities
  • More than 2 inches of Jay Flow fluid contained in the seat well conforms to bony prominences, providing maximum pressure distribution and reduction
  • Product Weight = approx. 2.2Kg
  • Sizes = 14″ – 20″ (modified models can extend outside this range)
  • Maximum user weight = 100Kg
  • Price upcharge for 20″ width and depth cushions


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