MK2 Econo

MK2 Econo

Rigid wheelchair

Priced from R12 076.00

Usually a lightweight, rigid wheelchair is not a luxury those on a tight budget can afford. Now you can at Wheelchairs on the Run.

You can even add the 3rd wheel Boom to your Econo- Perfect for Offroad use.

We have taken the exact framework of the popular Rollability MK2 Wheelchair and produced an Econo version with the same lightweight, sleek design but at a price affordable to most.

  • Same 8Kg loading weight as the MK2
  • Black frame
  • Mag wheels


Q: What is the difference between the MK2 and the MK2 Econo?

A: The main difference is that the Econo is supplied with mag wheels and not spoke. Spoke wheels are much lighter and give more shock absorption

Q: Can I upgrade the Econo version to the full version at a later stage?

A: Yes! All the upgrade options on the MK2 can be retrofitted at a later stage

Q: Where is the MK2 MANUFACTURED?

A: The MK2 is a proudly South African product. Designed, manufactured and assembled in SA.

Q: What is the MK2 wheelchair made of?

A: A special lightweight Steel.

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