Quickie Krypton

Quickie Krypton

Rigid Wheelchair

Priced from R90 000.00


  • With the most advanced engineering, the most beautiful design and the finest materials, the Quickie Krypton was created. The Krypton R is the lightest fully adjustable rigid wheelchair in the world at just 6.2kg including the rear wheels. That’s just 3.7kg of loading weight!
  • an ultra-light wheelchair with supreme rigidity and an ultra-responsive ride
  • There was only one material that could achieve this level of performance- aerospace engineered carbon fibre.


  • From 6.2 kg with wheels
  • Pioneering carbon frame technology
  • Fully adjustable Centre of Gravity
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Adjustable backrest angle and height
  • 4 Carbon finishes (gloss, matt, black & natural)
  • 2 castor house positions

Carbon Fibre Finishes

Constructed from the most advanced carbon technology, producing a staggering strength-to-weight ratio. Ultra-lightweight as well as supreme rigidity for an ultra-responsive ride.

Quickie are the first manufacture carbon tubes using innovative, carbon-braid seamless technology. This makes it possible to build the perfect frame which is strong in all the right places

Choose from 4 Carbon finishing options: Luxury high gloss, Clear coat matt, Gloss or matt black or Natural carbon. 

Castor House Positions

Choose all the lightest options and enjoy just 6.2kg including wheels. But still enjoy adjustability on your backrest.

The open frame design of the Krypton not only looks stylish, it allows easy transport and transfers into a vehicle

Technical Specifications on the Quickie Krypton Rigid

Weight with Wheels:


Loading Weight:


Maximum User Weight:


Seat Width:


Seat Depth:


Back Height:


Seat Height:


Backrest Angle:

59-105 degrees

Rear Seat height





Q: How do I achieve a weight of 6.2kg?

A: You will need to choose the following options: Size 36x40cm, slim style carbon sideguard, superlight upholstery, lightweight compact brake, carbon backrest, no push handles and Proton rear wheels.

Q: If I choose other options, will the wheelchair be heavier?

A: Yes- depending on the specifications and options you choose, this will affect the weight of the wheelchair.

Q: I weigh more than 100kg. Can I order a Krypton R wheelchair?

A: Yes. The maximum user weight for the Krypton R is 125kg. (Max user weight for Proton wheels however is 100kg- so you will have to choose different rear wheels). The carbon-braid technology makes this material extremely strong so your frame can handle higher user weight limits

Q: Can I choose different colours?

A: The Krypton R frame is available in 4 different frame finishes. Carbon Gloss, Carbon Matt, Black (in gloss or matt) or Natural Carbon. Natural Carbon also saves you 100 grams in wheelchair weight.

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