WOR Econo Memory Foam Cushion

WOR Econo Memory Foam Cushion

WOR Econo Cushion

WOR Memory Foam Cushion

  • Econo: 50mm Memory Foam with Cover;
  • Up to and Including 18” @R700.00
  • From and Including 20” @R820.00


  • Dual: Memory Foam top layer with Latex support;
  • Sizes up to and Including 18” @R1050.00

When you lift your body off the WOR Material it returns to its original shape.

WOR wheelchair cushions combine pressure care with a high degree of comfort. They mold to the body to accommodate postural problems

Al our WOR Econo cushions are supplied with a washable easy removable waterproof cover


  • Various sizes
  • 5cm or 7.5cm
  • Supplied with a machine washable, waterproof cover
  • Manufactured from advanced memory foam
  • Redistributes and absorbs pressure across the entire seated surface area
  • Maintenance free and easy to clean


Memory Foam is a Polyurethane foam designed to absorb and distribute pressure, which benefits relaxation and support while sleeping, and alleviates pressure wounds for those who may spend many hours in a bed or wheelchair.

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