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Pre-Ischial Cushion


Pre-Ischial Cushion

From R395.00-R550.00

Covers sold separately 

This is a lightweight, positioning cushion which consists of a chip foam base and a low density, memory foam comfort layer. The chip foam provides a stable base and the memory foam provides comfort and pressure relief. The pre-ischial shelf is positioned at the back end of the cushion. The function of this pre-ischial shelf is to secure the pelvis in an anterior pelvic tilt and to prevent the pelvis from sliding forward in the wheelchair. It also encourages a natural lumbar curve, thus improving overall sitting posture.


The Pre-ischial Cushion is a 3-layered foam cushion. It consists of two chip foam layers and an open-cell memory foam layer. The cushion is made with a standard pre-ischial shelf. This shelf allows for pelvic stability, improving the user’s positioning and comfort. The open-cell memory foam layer is used as an interface layer. It contours over the chip foam and provides a soft, comfort surface for the user to sit on. This cushion comes in a variety of sizes to fit all wheelchairs. The cushion can also be customized to a smaller size on request.





·         Choose the seat width and depth required

·         Made from high quality Chip foam and Open cell Memory foam

·         Pre-ischial shelf for better positioning

·         Can be customized to a smaller width/depth when compared to standard sizes

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  • Brand: Wheelchairs on the Run
  • Product Code: Pre-Ischial - pelvic Positioning cushion
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • R395.00

  • Ex Tax: R343.48

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