Ripple Mattress


The Ripple mattress helps to prevent pressure sores from developing.

 Inflatable mattresses are designed to prevent pressure wounds. The mattresses are composed of multiple inflatable air tubes or cells  which alternately inflate and deflate, mimicking the movement of a patient shifting in bed or being rotated by a caregiver, never leaving the patient in one position for any extended length of time. This action relieves pressure under the body - particularly in parts with less padding, like hips, shoulders, elbows, and heels - and helps ensure proper air circulation, helping to prevent and manage the occurrence of pressure wounds

helps to prevent pressure sores from developing

The Ripple Mattress is sold with a pump that alternates the pressure in the rippled compartments” so that each section has a different pressure to the one next to it constantly changing the weight bearing area of the body.

Special Features Supplied with Pump 10 minutes alternating cycle Puncture repair patch kit

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