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Endura Navigator

The Endura Navigator Mobility Scooter is a compact mobility scooter with the power of a larger scoot..

R19,980.00 Ex Tax: R17,373.91

Endura Voyager

Our Endura Voyager Mobility Scooter will not only take you anywhere, but you can take it anywhere. T..

R24,980.00 Ex Tax: R21,721.74

HS-328 Mobility Scooter

The CTM HS-328 Mobility Scooter is portable and dismantles. A heavy-duty mobility Scooter for th..

R32,000.00 R38,525.00 Ex Tax: R27,826.09

Endura LandCruiser

Endura LandCruiser Scooter, with its fashionable design is strong heavy duty mobility scooter w..

R34,980.00 Ex Tax: R30,417.39

HS-360 Mobility Scooter

The HS-360 4-wheel Mobility scooter is rugged enough to travel outdoors over light grass and grave..

R35,650.00 Ex Tax: R31,000.00

HS-580 Mobility Scooter

The HS-580 Mobility Heavy duty scooter gives the luxury of not only support and power but also reli..

R39,100.00 Ex Tax: R34,000.00

Endura Discoverland

Endura Discoverland Scooter, with its fashionable design is a strong heavy duty mobility scooter wit..

R39,980.00 Ex Tax: R34,765.22

Endura Endurance

Endura Endurance Scooter, with its fashionable design is a strong heavy duty 2 seater mobility scoot..

R64,980.00 Ex Tax: R56,504.35

HS-898 Heavy duty Mobility scooter

The HS-898 deluxe Heavy-duty Four-wheel mobility scooter.15 kmph Speed with a range up to 27 km for ..

R66,800.00 Ex Tax: R58,086.96

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