Scam Alert! Z101 ZIngoo, P9 Pebot, Fubazu and Medvest B65X Wheelchairs don't exist and are linked to confirmed tender scams.





Commode- Self Propel

A lightweight and fully adjustable solution to your commode needsThe placement of 24 inch rear whe..

R7,199.00 Ex Tax: R6,260.00

HS-115 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

The  HS-115 is a lightweight design with a removable battery pack making it an ideal trav..

R17,000.00 R19,262.50 Ex Tax: R14,782.61

HS-295 Mobility Scooter

HS-295 Mobility Scooter is a reliable compact 4-wheel Mobility Scooter.  HS-295 mobility scoot..

R17,000.00 R18,170.00 Ex Tax: R14,782.61

HS-328 Mobility Scooter

The CTM HS-328 Mobility Scooter is portable and dismantles. A heavy-duty mobility Scooter for th..

R32,000.00 R38,525.00 Ex Tax: R27,826.09

HS-2850 Power Wheelchair

The HS-2850 power wheelchair is a quick and reliable power mobility wheelchair that can handle a ma..

R45,000.00 R55,000.00 Ex Tax: R39,130.43

Invacare Pronto P31 Power Wheelchair

The Invacare Pronto 31 Power Wheelchair continues the rich legacy of the Pronto series. This compact..

R52,000.00 R57,922.50 Ex Tax: R45,217.39

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